September 2007

I put Alan Murta’s General Polygon Clipper Library to work in Pantograph this morning, and it does wonders. The face fills can now be handily combined by material into contiguous filled polygons, drastically improving the look and manageability of the vector output. I’m still trying to figure out how to combine and clip the line segments…

Inkscape screenshot of polygon clipping


I fixed a bug in Pantograph yesterday that was creating a lot of duplicate polygons … and its gotten slower.

I posted it elsewhere, but not here: Pantograph 0.1 alpha is available for download here.


feisty fawnI think I may have found the fatal flaw in Ubuntu – not enough gurus! After posting to the forum and to the Launchpad bug tracker about my mysterious NetworkManager bug (my laptop has been freezing inexplicably on Pratt’s wireless network – found other people with the same problem, but no solutions ), my post and my bug have been untouched, going on 48 hours or so. The forum posts that get reponses? Mostly basic installation questions (I fried my, help!) and discussion of new features.

This is not acceptable! Maybe I’m spoiled by the Gentoo forums, but you could at least get flamed for not posting the correct log file with your bug! I’m wondering now if Ubuntu’s vaunted “community” is very broad but very shallow.

I switched my laptop to Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon this weekend, thinking “I can handle Gentoo ~x86, this should be no problem!”. The Gibbon is still very alpha – lots of start-up (and shutdown !?!?) problems – definately not ready to take home to Mom.


Last night I re-loaded it with Feisty Fawn and I’m very happy.

School has started again, so I’ve had to be much more disciplined about coding. After a big push last weekend, I’ve nearly finished the GUI, and load/save settings and pens and SVG export are all working. Here’s a look:


It should be ready for an alpha release by Sunday evening.