Pantograph 0.4 is coming along nicely – quite a few features that had been planned for a while have almost reached fruition. Plus, I’ve been able to do a lot of stress-testing with large data-sets, and necessity is a good optimizer. I’ve closed a few huge memory holes, and tightened up a lot of the data structures. Needless to say, the code will need a good laundering after 0.4 – its a mess, and some fundamental paradigms have been shifting.

I’ve been replacing a lot of the lists in Pantograph with sets – it seems I was spending a lot of time removing items from the scene, which can become quite costly when the number of faces is over 100,000.  I’m hoping that sets can squeeze a bit more performance in places where I don’t need ordered sequences.

I’ve got libming (mostly) working – it will make an swf file, but I can’t figure out why its not showing all the frames:


Ming won’t do dashed lines, unfortunately (that I can discover). And the Python documentation seems to have been written by accident…