April 2008

I’ve been finishing up my studies the past couple of weeks, so not much work has been done on Pantograph. I have, however, been getting to use Pantograph quite a bit, and have some observations:

  • Pantograph is now memory-limited, not cpu-limited. Change is good! The culprit seems to be the Polygon library – my hackish misuse of it is beginning to show, and things aren’t pretty. There don’t seem to be any good clipping libraries out there that do exactly what I need, so I need to write a true 2D geometry core. I’m much more confident in the potential speed of Python, though, so I’m still hoping to match the speed of the 3D geometry functions in the 2D clipping.
  • The program needs a Blender-native UI. After using the GTK UI in KDE for the past few months, and from peoples’ hassles trying to install GTK in Windows, I have decided to not fight it and rebuild the UI using the Blender toolkit. One less dependency is a good thing.
  • Pantograph is still really buggy. Sorry.

I’ve got two weeks in mid-May to sit down and address the bugs and write the 2D clipping code – stay tuned!


Tamito Kajiyama has written a very comprehensive guide to installing Pantograph in Windows.  Thanks, Tamito!