I have a new full-time job (yay!), which means I haven’t had nearly the same luxury of time to work on Pantograph (boo!).  I have, however, been patiently working through the debugging of Pantograph 0.5 – I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the Summer, if not sooner.

Spurring things on is the discovery that pyGTK doesn’t seem to work with Blender 2.46.  Since 2.46 hasn’t hit the Ubuntu repos yet, I didn’t realize this until people started complaining.  The new version will have a Blender-native GUI, so this should fix the problem.

I’ve also started to look at re-coding parts of it in C or C++.  Very preliminarily – I haven’t written much C since college, and the thought of all those semi-colons makes my head hurt.  At some point it would be great to get help/advice from somebody who has experience cross-compiling between Windows and Linux, or even just somebody who has experience compiling from source in Windows.  I have a copy of MS Visual Studio, though I have to admit I’ve never even installed it.