October 2008

Clipping is…better.  Here.


Its been an exhausting month – my son was born on October 7, and everything takes longer when you’re trying to bounce a baby with one hand and type with your right hand!

I’m moving to a slightly different system – putting out a pretty stable release and keeping a less-stable bleeding-edge version as well (basically, the version I’m using). YMMV. So, without further ado:

Pantograph 0.5 changeLog (yeah, we’ve got that too)

  • the GUI has been thoroughly replaced by a Blender user-interface.  Its a little spare, but its growing on me and the experience is much smoother running it from Blender.  pyGTK is no longer required.
  • The clipping has been re-written  – with the hopes of dealing with the memory hole for larger meshes.
  • There’s now a “raster fill” option – you can use a rendered version of the scene (a PNG file, to be exact) as a clipped fill – you get sharp linework but also soft shading, textures, shadows.  You could take this into Inkscape and poTrace your way back to resolution independence.
  • There’s now a proper frustum cull – things outside of the camera view are clipped and not rendered.

Known Bugs:

  • The Blender GUI doesn’t yet work properly in Windows – to get changes in buttons to register, you have to raise another window and then go back to Blender.  Works fine in Linux.  Upstream bug?
  • There’s a mysterious, unrepeatable seg fault that happens every once in a while, though I’ve only noticed it in Linux.
  • SWF output is broken.  No, its just not hooked up yet – I’ve been developing on a 64-bit system, and Ming is only 32-bit… if people are clamoring for this, it might happen sooner.

Happy Halloween,


…has wiped my ftp space – again.  Downloads will be back shortly – sorry for the inconvenience! (Seriously, if I could buy internet service from a herd of baboons operating out of a basement instead, I would)