Pantograph tutorials

I’ve been remiss in not updating people on the status of Pantograph. The project was put on hold when Blender moved to a new Python API, and I no longer have the time to develop it. I recommend checking out Freestyle, how integrated into the trunk of Blender with 2.67, and Freecad, a very promising solid modeller with good hidden-line rendering.


Tamito Kajiyama has written a very comprehensive guide to installing Pantograph in Windows.  Thanks, Tamito!

Getting smooth curves:

Since Pantograph is working from a faceted model, you’ll never get true smooth splines (believe me, I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that!).  With some quick work in Inkscape, you can vastly improve things.


After ungrouping the drawing (Shift-Ctrl-G), you will be able to select individual polylines


Hit Ctrl-L (“Simplify Path”) until you are satisfied  with the smoothness of the curve.  If there are multiple overlapping linesyou may need to smooth both.